In order to increase the security of online purchases initiated with bankcards, Raiffeisen Bank is soon to introduce a "Security Code" service.

If the given merchant also supports the service, after entering your card data in the website you will have to enter an additional unique code as well to confirm the purchase.

If a "Verified by Visa" or "MasterCard SecureCode" logo is displayed in the payment site of the merchant, it indicates that the merchant has joined the online "Security Code" service.

In the case of an online purchase initiated with the card, after entering your card data you should confirm the transaction by entering a unique code.

The authentication may take place:

  • through an SMS code sent to your mobile phone: after you have entered your card data, a one-time unique code will be sent to your telephone number registered with the Bank, which you are expected to enter in the payment platform;
  • if you have Raiffeisen Mobile App, you may as well approve your online purchase in the application installed on your smartphone.

You will be informed of the start of the service as well as of further details in this site.