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Changes a DirektNet internetbank and Mobile Application

Press and News

We would like to inform our customers about the following changes that will occur in Raiffeisen DirektNet internet bank and Mobile Application due from 27th of April, 2019.

  • Aside from the currently used Direkt ID and password / hardware token for DirektNet internetbank login and transaction authorization, you will be able to use the software-based Mobile token (PIN code, fingerprint scanning or face recognition on iOS devices).
  • A new, secure authentication method - called Mobile token - will be introduceded. With the functions in Mobile Application, our customers will be able to log in quickly (using new Mobile token PIN code or fingerprint scanner, or face recognition on iOS devices) to the internet bank and Mobile Application, and also to authorize orders and transactions.
  • Mobile token will only work with the latest version of the application, therefore internet banking functions can only be used with the latest version of Mobile Application.

In case our customers have more Direkt ID-s (as account holder or trustee), then

  • will be able to log in with any of your Direkt ID-s to DirektNet or Mobile Application, where all customers’ account authorizations can be accessed.
  • will be able to sign all your transactions (excluding stock market) using Mobile token.
  • If our customers do not wish to use Mobile token, it will still be able to use all the authentication methods that belong to each of customers’ Direkt ID-s (Password, SMS one time password, Hardware token) to authorize transactions.
  • In case of Call Center channel our customers will need all their Direkt IDs and PIN codes to be able to manage all services that require identification.

For detailed information about the Mobile token, please click here.