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Tips for daily banking in the current situation

Press and News

Dear Customer,
Raiffeisen Bank attaches great importance to protecting the health of its employees and customers, to preventing any further spread of the coronavirus, and to keeping our business running smoothly. We are also paying special attention to ensuring hygienic conditions in our branches. Our electronic channels are available 24 hours a day.

1. myRaiffeisen mobile app

With our simple and easy-to-use mobile app that works on both Android and iOS (Apple) devices you can access the following information and services:

Account information: Balance and account history, Personal data overview, Forint transfers, Euro transfers (SEPA), Instant currency exchange, Credit card top-up, Card details overview, and Card limit change.

We recommend that you download myRaiffeisen for easier banking.

2. Raiffeisen DirektNet internet banking service

In addition to the above, Raiffeisen DirektNet provides you with access to additional features and functionality:

Direct debits, Standing orders, Recording a secondary ID for the Instant Payment System, Transfers in other currencies, Cheque deposits, Deposit-fixing, Previous year's bank account statements, Investment management via Internet Brokering.

You can access Raiffeisen DirektNet through the website.

3. Raiffeisen Direkt Telephone Banking Service - 06 80 488 588

Our telephone banking service provides comprehensive services on working days between 6am and 10pm.

Reduced services are available between 10pm and 6am and on weekends. Click here for more information on the Telephone Banking Service.

From 17 March, the Apple Pay service will also be available to our personal banking customers using Raiffeisen Mastercard bank cards. You can use your Apple phone to pay or withdraw cash from Raiffeisen Bank ATMs simply and easily, without any physical contact.

Launched at midnight on 2 March, the Instant Payment System runs smoothly 24 hours a day at Raiffeisen Bank as well, enabling you to make transfers within a few seconds via the electronic channels listed above. The ATM units are constantly being replenished with cash by the service providers, and are functioning smoothly. Cash withdrawal can be done with a suitable credit card or smart device contact-free.

4. Visiting a branch

You can find the opening times of our branches on the "Branches and ATMs" webpage. We ask our customers to wear face masks during the branch visit, and also to follow the general precautions (keeping a safe distance, using hand-sanitizer).

In some of our high-traffic branches, we may limit the number of customers present in the front office to the number of customer service counters that are manned. In these cases you may have to wait for a short period. We will provide detailed information at the site.

At the branches of Raiffeisen Bank, we were among the first to implement a number of hygiene and health measures to protect our customers and employees. Non-contact disinfectant dispensers were placed in the front offices, and other protective equipment was provided to branch employees, in accordance with their duties. (Disinfectant wipes, rubber gloves and masks for some jobs).

We are doing our best to keep our branch operations completely safe.

Recommendations of the Hungarian Banking Association regarding branch administration:

  • do not visit a branch if you have symptoms of virus infection,
  • adjust to the fact that, for reasons of public health, certain high-traffic branches only accept a certain number of customers at a time,
  • keep at least one metre distance from other people while waiting,
  • minimise administrative time and activity,
  • use digital means to solve matters that can be addressed through electronic channels.

5. What other measures has Raiffeisen Bank taken?

Raiffeisen Bank began to take concerted defensive measures several weeks ago. Just a few examples of these: providing for improved hygiene conditions, installation of health-protection equipment, diverting branch traffic to electronic channels. Both Raiffeisen Bank and other participants in the financial sector are making every effort to ensure that banking services continue to be provided uninterrupted.

6. Where can you get up-to-date information?

On the website we are continuously providing our customers with the latest up-to-date information, and we will also notify our customers (or some of them, as needed) of any changes through e-mail or text messages. If you are you keeping informed via official media outlets, we recommend that you follow the information provided by well-known, trusted media sources.

Best regards,
Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.