Management of cookies


1) What are cookies?

When a visitor navigates to the sites of the Raiffeisen Banking Group (the “Banking Group”), a little file called “cookie” will be installed in his or her computer, which might serve several purposes.

Some of the cookies used by the Banking Group are indispensable for the proper operation of the site (“session cookies”), whereas others collect information on the use of the website (statistics) in order to make the site even more convenient and useful. Some of the cookies are temporary only, and will disappear when the browser is closed, whereas there are long-standing versions as well that will remain in the computer for a longer period.

Upon entry to the websites operated by the Banking Group, if the settings of your (the visitor’s) browser permit or if you explicitly consent to this upon your first visit to the site, the website may automatically save information about your computer or other device used for browsing (tablet, smartphone, portable smart devices), and may place cookies or other similar programs there for such purposes.


2) The purpose of cookies

  • to facilitate navigation in the site, hence use of the same, by recording the visitor’s settings and patterns of use
  • to identify any potential malicious IT operations
  • to improve user experience by collecting information on how the visitor uses the website, which pages he or she visits or uses most often. This way we can know how to provide an even better user experience when you visit our website again
  • to collect statistics, the analysis of which might help us understand how the visitors use beside the website our additional online services, which we can improve thereby
  • to collect information on the use of the webchat application displayed in the website
  • to further develop and fine-tune the website in accordance with the users’ needs
  • to place targeted advertisements so that we can display the offers that are most relevant for the visitor


3) Cookie types

a) Session cookies

Session cookies are necessary for browsing the website and using its functions, among others they make it possible to remember the operations made by the visitor in the given page, function or service. Without using session cookies the seamless use of the website cannot be guaranteed. Their time of validity covers the length of the given visit, and at the end of the session, upon exit from the site or with the closing of the browser the cookies are erased.

An adequate session of the website is ensured in accordance with the provisions of Art. 13/A (3) of Act CVIII of 2001 on Certain Issues of E-Commerce Activities and Information Society Services.

  • The session cookie used by the website is: JSESSIONID


b) Webchat cookies

The cookies supporting the webchat application appearing in our website record besides the usage data of the application (e.g. content of chatting, usage statistics) also any name and telephone number provided by the visitor during the chat. The data are stored by the server supporting the application for 13 months for quality assurance reasons.

  • The webchat cookie used by the website is: Customer interaction/LivePerson


c) Functional cookies

These cookies enable our website to remember what method of operation you chose (e.g. whether you use the Hungarian or English version of the website, whether you select the accessible version, how many hits should be displayed simultaneously in the hits list of the search function, etc.). The purpose of this is to ensure that you need not provide such data again upon your next visit. Without the information included in the cookies storing your preferences, our website can still operate, although less smoothly.

The functional cookies used by the website are as follows:

  • The cookie necessary for the operation of the cookie policy of the website stores whether the visitor has accepted the “cookie policy” of not is: RBH_COOKIE_PRIVACY_ACCEPTED
  • The cookie testing whether or not your browsing tool supports cookies is: COOKIE_SUPPORT
  • The cookie including the identifier of the language currently used is: GUEST_LANGUAGE_ID
  • The cookie identifying the use of the accessible version of the website is: RBH_PARTIALLY_SIGHTED


d) Targeted advertising cookies

The purpose of using targeted advertising cookies is to select the advertisements that most interest our visitors or that seem most relevant for them, and display these in our website. These enable us to measure the performance of our campaigns as well.

These cookies make it possible for external service providers—including Google—to display targeted advertisements for you in other websites based on your earlier visits in our website.

These cookies are unable to identify you personally either. At the same time they collect data e.g. about which pages you visited, where you clicked within the page, how many pages you opened.

For Google’s data protection guidelines related to advertising, see the link


The targeted advertising cookies of the following service providers are used in our website:


e) Web statistics cookies

By means of web statistics cookies, we collect information on how our visitors use our website (e.g. which page the visitor viewed, on which part of the website he or she clicked, how many pages he or she visited, how long the individual visits/sessions took, were there any error messages, etc.). The purpose of this is to enable us to improve our website (the available services, functions, etc.) in accordance with the needs of our visitors, and to offer them a high quality, user friendly experience.

For the purpose of performance measurement, our website uses third party cookies upon each visit. Using the cookies we can trace how many people visit the website, and what content they are interested in. All information is stored anonymously, and is used for anonymous analyses of the visitors’ behaviour so that we can ensure high quality experience for the users.

The analytical cookies of the following service providers are used in our website:

  • Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics: It collects information on how the visitors use the website. For detailed information on the service, please visit the following link:
  • Hotjar: Service used for heatmap analytics that collects information about the location of the clicks and mouse movements. For detailed information in English, see


4. Types of data processed by the Banking Group and collected via cookies

We record and process the following data via cookies about you, your computer and your browsing tool:

  • the IP address you use,
  • browser type,
  • features of the operating system of your browser (for example type, language settings),
  • exact time of the visit,
  • address of the page visited previously,
  • the visited page or subpage, function or service used,
  • time spent in the site.

Please be informed that these cookies are unable in themselves to identify the visitor personally.


5. Retention of data

Data related to the use of the site are retained with a view for the operation of the website for XXX months by the Banking Group and/or its partners involved in operation (XYZ), after the lapse of which period the data will be deleted or anonymised. Only and exclusively the staff of the operator has access to the recorded data in order to ensure the above objectives. The recorded data may only be transmitted in the cases and for the purposes specified in the laws, to recipients authorised under the law (typically for law enforcement or national security purposes). Anonymised data related to the use of the website may be used for statistical purposes.


6. Data security related to cookie management

It is essential that the Banking Group will not memorise any ID or password even in case cookies are permitted.

The visitor may use our electronic banking services in total security even if he or she accepts cookies.


7. Checking cookie settings, banning cookies

Modern browsers enable the user to change cookie settings. By default, a part of browsers automatically accept cookies, but this setting can also be changed so that the visitor prevent automatic acceptance going forward. In the case of resetting, the browser shall from then on offer an option to “set cookies” in each case.

Please take note that as the purpose of cookies is to support and facilitate the usability and processes of the website, in case cookies are banned we cannot guarantee that the visitor will be able to comprehensively use all functions of the website. In such case the website may operate differently than planned in your browser.


8. Further detailed information on the cookie settings of the following browsers