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New site to make banking easier

Internet banking and mobile application service - myRaiffeisen portal

The myRaiffeisen portal presents online banking services in a collected and transparent way.

You can easily access your bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards at any time. Whether it's about account information, viewing your electronic banking documents or even starting video banking, you will find it all in one place.

The site is evolving

We work constantly to bring new functions available on the site. The new interface is here to access the most frequently used functions easier for our customers.

Current functions

  • Account balance and information
  • Account history
  • HUF transaction from HUF accounts
  • Debit and credit card details
  • Card limit modification
  • Enable and disable online purchase with cards
  • PIN2 code setting for internet card payment
  • View electronic bank documents
  • DirektNet internet bank
  • Chat with a bank clerk
  • VideoBank service for retail and Premium Banking customers
  • RaiConnect service for Premium Banking contracted customers
  • Personal loan application for retail and Premium Banking customers
  • Overdraft for retails and Premium Banking customers
  • Submit renewed identity document
  • Apply for certificates to retail, small business customers who have Annual Net Sales under HUF 398 million and private companies -  in Hungarian 

How can you use it?

We, at Raiffeisen work constantly to develop sites which are simple and usable in order to make online banking experience even better.

myRaiffeisen portal can be used by our customers who

  • has activated their digital channel access (Direct ID, Password) and
  • has a Hungarian Raiffeisen bank account, or are trustees on it, or has credit card or supplementary card, or authorised to read and input data in respect

You can log in securely either

  • with mobile token (with myRaiffeisen application)
  • with password and single-use SMS code
  • with a hardware token

Browsers, operating system:

We recommend you update your device's operating system to one of the last two major versions (for Android, one of the versions released in the last three years). We do not support display from the Windows XP operating system.


  • Google Chrome: 81.0+
  • Mozilla Firefox: 85.0+
  • Safari: 113.0+
  • Microsoft Edge: 87.0+
  • Opera: 73.0+
  • Internet Explorer - not supported

Visit myRaiffeisen portal

Click on the links for more details:

Terms and conditions, User Manual, FAQ