Account, bank cards

We offer commercial banking services covering the entire range of account-keeping that satisfy all requirements.

Debit cards

Our debit cards (FWR MasterCard, FWR Visa Classic, FWR Visa Gold) are suited to effect purchases and cash withdrawals from ATM-s in Hungary as well as abroad.




FWR Platina Credit Card (MasterCard)

FWR Platina Credit Card is a high-prestige payment instrument that you can use for shopping or cash withdrawal anywhere in the world at retailers displaying the MasterCard logo. You may request a credit line running up to HUF 5 million for your credit card account, offered at an extremely low monthly interest rate and a strong insurance. In the scope of our FWR Benefit Program, exclusive services and special benefits are offered to our FWR Platina Credit Card holding customers. APR: 32,20%