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Investment services

It is only possible to make good decisions that assure peace of mind over the long term if we are familiar with the full range of available opportunities. The complex elements of financial operations aimed at preserving and increasing wealth require time and constant attention, and can only be truly and effectively understood by experts.

Our highly trained and experienced consultants seek out and recommend financial solutions that are indispensable in terms of the long-term management of your assets.

Investment Advice

Our investment advice service contributes to the successful implementation of your individual investment strategy. Our advisors provide you with the information necessary for decision-making in a proactive manner, and use their professional experience to facilitate the selection of the right securities. We will send notices to your contact e-mail address on a periodical or ad hoc basis as you require concerning any information emerging in the market that might be relevant for your portfolio.

Target return Asset Management

You are recommended to use our asset management service only in case you have liquid assets at your disposal, and you wish to invest these for at least one year in a diversified manner.

More than 300 mutual funds

Selling the investment certificates of more than 300 mutual funds of recognized Hungarian and international fund managers, Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen provides you the most natural and most convenient way for building a diversified portfolio based on sectoral, regional and risk considerations.

Internet Brokering

By means of our Internet Brokering service you can view your securities portfolio as well as launch transactions.