LoungeKey service

Linked to debit card service [Mastercard World Elite debit card, Mastercard Platinum debit card] and Mastercard Platinum credit card

Enjoy the moments before taking off! Use the LoungeKey service to turn your airport waiting time into a series of treats. Through the LoungeKey website and mobile app you can easily and quickly access the following services with your FWR Platinum debit/credit card or FWR World Elite debit card, irrespective of the airline you fly with or the ticket type you have:

  • admission to over 1,000 exclusive airport lounges in over 120 countries at over 400 airports throughout the world
  • gastronomic, spa and shopping options and experiences
  • For holders of Mastercard World Elite debit cards: 3 times a year free of charge*, upon each further entry USD 32 / person/entry
  • For holders of Mastercard Platinum debit and credit cards: USD 32 / person / entry
  • For the cardholder’s guests: USD 32 / person / entry

* Each  of the  3 free entries leads to a temporary blockage of USD 32, which will be generated in the bank account linked to the card and will be generally cancelled within maximum 30 days.

The 3 free entries may be used as follows: 3 entries by the cardholder or 1 entry by the cardholder + 2 guests or 2 entries by the cardholder + 1 guest upon one of the entries.


If you have not registered yet:
1. Register with your FWR Platinum debit/credit card or FWR World Elite debit card in the following website: 
2. Create your own online profile (user name and password) to use the service.
3. Download the LoungeKey mobile app to your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play Store.

If you are already registered:
1. Always check before your travels the existence, accessibility, opening hours and available services of LoungeKey lounges at the airport. You can use the lounge search function available in the website and in the mobile app for this!
The number of guests that may accompany a customer authorised to use the LoungeKey service is regulated independently by the individual lounges. You can check the relevant terms and conditions in the lounge search application.
The permitted length of stay is regulated independently by the individual lounges. Check the lounge search application for more information on the concrete rules.
2. To enter the lounge during your travels, just present your FWR Platinum debit/credit card or FWR World Elite debit card.

To use the smartphone mobile app and the website, you have to create an online profile (user name and password) through the following website. 

In the course of registration, the eligibility of the customer is checked upon the provision of the data of the payment card, which ensures the assignment of the terms belonging to the profile and the lounges that may be used by the customer.
Checking is authenticated with the payment card issued to the customer. Therefore in the course of registration-for the purpose of the checking of eligibility-an amount of USD 1 is debited temporarily to the card, which will be cancelled after the eligibility checking has taken place (generally within 10 business days).

You can get informed about exclusive lounges in the website www.airport.mastercard.com as well, where you can find the LoungeKey premium airport lounge that you wish to visit during your travel. 

Guests are also allowed to enter the lounges. The number of guests that may accompany you in the lounge is usually unlimited. If different regulations apply, the necessary information is available in the lounge search application.

Please take note that the precise calculation of the incurred costs can be ensured if the LoungeKey customer presents the card when entering the lounge.

Conditions of use for the LoungeKey mobile application
Terms of use for the LoungeKey website

If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or call telephone number +36-80-455-455.