Travel insurance linked to debit and credit cards

Travel insurance for private individuals is automatically linked to certain cards, and can be optionally concluded for others, for an indefinite period.

The annual fee of the following Raiffeisen debit and credit cards automatically includes travel insurance:
  • FWR Mastercard World Elite debit card
  • FWR Mastercard Platina debit card
  • FWR Visa Gold debit card
  • FWR Mastercard Platina credit card

It is worth requesting travel insurance to be linked to the following Raiffeisen debit cards:

  • FWR Mastercard Standard debit card
  • FWR Visa Classic debit card*
  • Onecard debit card*

* From 13/08/2020, this card type may not be requested any longer.

What is covered by the insurance?
The insurance includes accident, sickness and luggage insurance, as well as liability insurance.

How long is the insurance valid for?
It is adjusted to the period of validity of the card, which means that if the period of validity of the expiring card is extended, the period of validity of the insurance will be extended as well.

How can you apply for the insurance? 
You can apply for the insurance simultaneously with the debit or credit card application, or subsequently at any time during the period of validity of the card.

To conclude the insurance please call our call centre at phone number +36-80-455-455, or contact your personal banking advisor.