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Investment information, MiFID

To get the right investment services

Raiffeisen Bank may provide investment services only for those customers who gives answers to all the questions of the new Investor (MiFID) questionnaire, and received the evaluation of it.

For customers who have not yet filled out the new Investor (MiFID) questionnaire the Bank only carried out their selling orders (eg. termination, closing position) for investment products. For new investment services order please fill out the new Investor (MiFID) questionnaire.

The questionnaire is aimed at assessing your

  • investment experience, knowledge and
  • risk profile,

to be able to provide the appropriate investment services to you.

  Please, complete the Investor (MiFID) questionnairein the branch with the help of the customer manager.
  Please go to the nearest Raiffeisen branch (call your personal advisor or customer manager in advance to make an appointment).
  You have to sign the completed test in the branch.
  You will get the assessment from the Bank.

The Bank will provide investment advisory and portfolio management services fo you in accordance with your new assessment from 2014.

  If you have questions, please call the Raiffeisen Direkt, contact center at 06-80-488-588.