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Since 2007, the investor protection rules introduced by the European Union directive on the markets of financial instruments ("Markets in Financial Instruments Directive"; MiFID) have determined the operation of investment companies providing investment and additional services throughout Europe.

In recent years, changes in the financial markets justified the revision of the MiFID regime, therefore the Commission proposed to amend the MiFID directive (MiFID II) and to introduce a regulation directly applicable in the member countries (MiFIR).

The purpose of the directive and regulation is to strengthen the uniform European investor protection rules, for which it introduces common rules for the licensing and operating conditions of investment companies; imposes additional, stricter banking obligations regarding prior and subsequent information to customers; and strengthens and expands the existing transparency rules for trading.

The changes brought by MiFID II are applicable throughout the European Union from January 3, 2018.

For more detailed investor protection information, please read our MiFID Investments client information.

Investor questionnaire - MiFID test

Raiffeisen Bank executes purchase orders related to the provision of investment services only for those customers and the authorized persons acting on behalf of them, who filled the Investor (MiFID) questionnaire, and received the evaluation of it.

Those customers of the Bank who have not yet filled out the Investor (MiFID) questionnaire, can only execute sales orders (e.g. redemption, position closing) relating to their existing investment products.

With the questionnaire, the Bank assesses your

  • investment experience, product knowledge and
  • investment goals, possible sustainability preferences, your financial situation and ability to bear losses, as well as the safe level of your risk-taking,

so that it can really provide you with an investment service that is right for you.

Please, fill in the (MiFID) Investor Questionnaire,

  •  in the branches with the help of customer managers, or
  • shortening the administration in the branch, before visiting online by clicking the "Completing the Questionnaire" button.


In case of online completing, please bring along the questionnaire ID, which can be found at the end of the questionnaire highlighted with yellow (please click the Print button to save and print as pdf file)

  • As retail customer please go to the nearest Raiffeisen branch. You may also make an appointment in order to avoid waiting times.


  • If you are a non-retail customer, please call your personal advisor, customer manager.

Our employees will evaluate your answers and give you the results.

The Investor (MiFID) questionnaires and the Bank's Customer information on sustainability can be previewed among the documents at the bottom of the page.

If you have any question, please call Raiffeisen Direkt, contact center at 06-80-488-588.