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Raiffeisen Electra

Manage your company accounts efficiency with Raiffeisen Electra banking system even through 3 platforms.

To whom we offer?

  • For Large Corporates, initiating hundreds of payments per day and inquiring account statements with using file upload/download function efficiency.
  • For Small and Medium-sized Corporates, managing payables quickly besides getting account information easily.


Payment Request


Instant Payment Scheme (IG3)


SCA - Electra Strong Customer Authentication



Raiffeisen Electra is accessible through 3 platforms:

  1. Via Internet from anywhere around the globe (Electra Internetbank),
  2. Via Smartphone, even on your way (Electra Mobilebank),
  3. Via Software-based programme (Electra Terminal).

1. Electra Internetbank

  • You can manage your accounts quickly and easily from any of your locations worldwide.
  • You can retrieve your account information at any time.

Get familiar with Raiffeisen Electra Internetbank by clicking on the below button:

Electra Internetbank demo version

Please click on here for Raiffeisen Electra Internetbank User Manual >

Login Electra Internetbank

2. Electra Mobilebank

It does not matter if you are on your way, you can manage your accounts through Electra Internetbank optimised for smartphone at anywhere and anytime.


3. Electra Terminal

  • You can communicate with the Bank safely even via modem,
  • Several operations are available offline,
  • You can manage large number of transactions quickly and efficiency,
  • Access rights of signers are available in Raiffeisen Electra software at each relevant premises.

Get familiar with Raiffeisen Electra Terminal by clicking on the links below:

Download Raiffeisen Electra Terminal Demo >
(Demo login password: kiss)

Raiffeisen Electra Terminal User Manual >

Please click on the below button to download Raiffeisen Electra Terminal:

Raiffeisen Electra Terminal Install Kit

Should you need assistance in the installation of Raiffeisen Electra Terminal, please feel free to contact our Help Desk:

  • by phone on 06-80-488-588, Opening hours on business days (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.),
  • or via email (


4. Automatic Terminal

  • make your file-based communication directly between bank server and your dedicated computer
  • download your account information scheduled automatically
  • submit your orders automatically.


Approve your payments by state-of-art authentication tool

For approval, you can apply the authentication tools per platform (terminal, internet, mobile) listed below:

1. ViCA mobile token

  • The newest authentication tool for Raiffeisen Electra, operating on iOS and Android smartphones,
  • Provides safe and unique communication channel between client and Bank,
  • After registration of ViCA, you can approve your payments through your ViCA application operating on your smartphone.

2. Token

  • You can authorise your payments in Raiffeisen Electra using a one-time password generated by token,
  • Provides mobility, there is no need for token to be connected with computer.
  In case Raiffeisen Bank is your account holder bank, please contact your Relationship Manager

In case Raiffeisen Bank is not your account holder bank, please

  • call our Help Desk on 06-80-488-588 (choose 3 then 1 menus), Opening hours on business days (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.),
  • or send an email to