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Raiffeisen Electra

Manage your company accounts efficiency with Raiffeisen Electra banking system even through 3 platforms.

To whom we offer?

For large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and municipalities, who, in addition to requesting bank information, start up to hundreds of orders per day, and want to send their large amounts of transfers easily and quickly, generated in their own systems directly to the banking system, as well as require effective internet banking support to manage their finances.


How does Raiffeisen Electra work?

Choose the platform that best suits the operation of your company or business:

  • You can choose between an internet banking interface, a mobile banking application or a terminal installed on a computer
  • If you chose the mobile app or the terminal, install the selected platform on the device you want to use


Select the authentication tool required to sign orders:

  • You can choose between mobile application, token or password and SMS identification


Manage your daily finances and transfers through Raiffeisen Electra and discover additional options provided by Raiffeisen Electra, from electronic account statements to payment requests!

1. Electra Internetbank

An application that can be accessed from anywhere and can be run via the Internet, you can manage your finances quickly and easily, and you can check your account balances and orders at any time.

To apply for Electra Internetbank, please contact a staff member of our bank!

Login and user manual:

Login Electra Internetbank

Get familiar with Raiffeisen Electra Internetbank by clicking on the below button:

Electra Internetbank demo version

Please click on here for Raiffeisen Electra Internetbank User Manual.


2. Electra Mobilebank

With the mobile phone-optimized version of Electra Internetbank, you can manage your finances conveniently anywhere, anytime on your smart device with an internet connection.

To apply for Electra Mobile Bank, please contact our bank employee!


3. Electra Terminal

  • With the Electra application installed on your computer, you can communicate with the Bank securely, even via a modem connection,
  • You can perform some banking operations offline (without connecting to a bank server),
  • You can manage large number of transactions quickly and efficiency,
  • The rights of the signatories can be asserted in all Raiffeisen Electra software installed at several locations of the company.

Get familiar with Raiffeisen Electra Terminal by clicking on the links below:

Download Raiffeisen Electra Terminal Demo

(Demo login password: kiss)

Download and user manual:

Please click on the below button to download Raiffeisen Electra Terminal:

Raiffeisen Electra Terminal Install Kit

If you you need assistance in the installation of Raiffeisen Electra Terminal, please feel free to contact our Help Desk:

  • by phone on 06-80-488-588, Opening hours on business days (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.),
  • or via email (elba@raiffeisen.hu).

Raiffeisen Electra Terminal User Manual


4. Automatic Terminal

  • make your file-based communication directly between bank server and your dedicated computer
  • download your account information scheduled automatically
  • submit your orders automatically.



To sign orders, you can choose from the authentication tools below for each Electra channel (terminal, internet, mobile) listed below:


1. ViCA mobile token

  • Electra's state-of-the-art authentication tool is a mobile app that can be installed on iOS and Android smartphones.
  • It provides a secure, independent communication channel between the bank and the customer.
  • After the one-time registration of the application, Electra sends the transactions to be signed via the ViCA application, which you can approve on your mobile phone

Download the free application by clicking one of the buttons below, or search for the ViCA Application in Google Play or the App Store!

2. Token

  • You can authenticate your orders in Electra's system with the user ID you received when signing the contract and the one-time password generated by the token.
  • The token does not need to be connected to your computer, giving you complete mobility.

3. Password and SMS identification

The authentication code is sent to the phone number specified by the user on the application form.

Instant Payment System (IG3) in Raiffeisen Electra

In the Instant Payment System, transfers are made immediately - within 5 seconds - 24 hours a day, every day of the year (hereinafter: 24/7). Customers of Raiffeisen Bank also have the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of the Instant Payment System introduced nationally in the Raiffeisen

Electra System.


Electronic account statements in Raiffeisen Electra

The certified electronic account statement that can be downloaded from Electra is equivalent to the official paper-based statement. It is identical in content and is accepted by the authorities (e.g. NAV) as an electronic document.

The authenticated electronic account statement is provided with Raiffeisen Bank's electronic signature and time stamp. It is possible to view the authentication after installing the e-Szigno program.

If the free e-Szignó program is not installed on your computer, you can download it by clicking on the link below.

Download e-Signó program


Request an authenticated electronic account statement

If your company's bank is Raiffeisen Bank, please contact your bank contact or advisor, who will conclude the contract with you.


For information on switching to the Electra system, click here

If your company's account manager bank is not Raiffeisen Bank, please call our customer service at 06-80-488-588, working days between 8:00 and 17:00, or send an email to elba@raiffeisen.hu.


Electra payment request service

It is also possible to submit and receive payment requests in the Electra program. A payment request is a type of transaction that the Beneficiary initiates towards the Paying Party in order to initiate a transfer order for its own part.


SCA - Electra Strong Customer Authentication

Nested Applications

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