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DirektNet services

Bulk signing of orders

From 11 April 2009, DirektNet will offer a full range of standing order management functions. You will be able to modify or delete your existing, active standing orders and view order details using the online banking service.

To make the system more user-friendly, the forint and foreign currency payment functions will be accessible under a separate menu item. When submitting foreign currency orders, you will be able to assign a priority level ? standard, urgent, very urgent. For our consumer banking customers:

If you want to submit several orders in the same session there is no need to sign each item individually, since they can now be authenticated in bulk. In other words, by entering your SMS or Token password you can send several payment orders to the bank at once.
The following options will be available:

  • Record and fill a new order: Save the order under ?Waiting for signature?* and enter a new order.
  • Record and Finish: Save the order under ?Waiting for signature?*.
  • Record and Sign: Sign the order using an SMS or Token password, and launch the transaction.

* Saved items will only be processed after they have been signed using an SMS or Token password.

One-time password for individuals.
One-time password for corporate clients.
One time password for private clients.

DirektNet Internet Banking offers the following services for our clients:

Account informational services
Current account account overview
current account statement
detailed information on available balance
customizable transaction journal listing both booked items and items waiting for booking
Credit card account account overview
momentarily available amount, information on repayment
summarized data of the current pay-off period
notifications about the credit card account to the DirektNet inbox
Time deposit open and closed deals
querying information on a certain time period


Transactional services
Current account
  - Manage standing orders
  -Submit, modify or delete orders
the amount of the transfer can be blocked
the value date of transfers can be set
handling of reason codes
Credit card account credit card fill-up
Time deposit account one-off deposits
repeated deposits:
  - the type and number of repetitions can be set
  - the deposit can be reopened with the starting amount or increased by the accrued interest amount


Managing beneficiaries

the beneficiaries of transfers can be saved and managed, resulting in less and easier data input later


Managing views

the user can make customizable filters for the transaction journals for the display of relevant transactions