Customer Data Update

Legal background

Pursuant to the provisions of Act LIII of 2017 on the Prevention and Combating of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (the “Money Laundering Act”)*, the Bank and the Customer are jointly responsible for keeping the data recorded on the Customer up-to-date. The Bank is obliged to have up-to-date customer information at its disposal, and on the other hand the customer must notify the Bank within five working days of any change, including the presentation of valid identity documents, if the previously presented ones expire.

* Art. 12 (1) and (3) of the Money Laundering Act

Please read the information below carefully!

I am a private individual (retail customer, (small) company representative/cardholder), what shall I do?

If your identity document previously registered with the Bank has expired and you have not yet presented your new document (identity card / passport / driving licence card), please do so, using one of the following options:

  • online, through the myRaiffeisen portal
  • by e-mail
  • through the Electra electronic banking platform (for corporate customers)
  • by post
  • in person at a branch
  • via Videobank

If you are a retail or small business customer, please submit a photo or a scanned version of your new, valid document, if your name has not changed, primarily via the myRaiffeisen portal or by e-mail.

If you send the document in electronic format, please do so as described below:

  • Take a photograph of or scan both sides of the identity document (identity card, passport or driving licence card). Make sure that the image is sharp and is in colour, as we cannot accept copies that are in poor quality or black and white.
  • Please save the copy of your document in pdf or common image format (e.g. jpeg, tif).
  • Please do not send us any document other than your personal document, unless you have had an old type of identity card previously. In this case, please also copy the address side of your address card.

1. Through the myRaiffeisen portal (retail and small business customers)

  • You can upload a copy of your identity document (max. 7 MB) after logging in via the myRaiffeisen portal, which you can access from the Bank’s website (click on "Internetbank login" at the top of the page) at the following link:

2. By e-mail:

  • You can send it as an e-mail attachment (max. 10 MB) to the address
  • Please note that we can only accept a copy of the document from your e-mail address recorded in the Bank’s systems. You can check or change if necessary your e-mail address in DirektNet (Administration / Update e-mail address).
  • Enter your name in the subject field of the e-mail.

3. Through Electra:

  • As the attachment of a free-format letter.

4. By post (in a letter):

  • Mail a copy of the document to the address Raiffeisen Bank Zrt. Budapest 1700. Please write "Data Reconciliation" on the envelope.

Please note that if your identity document uploaded online or sent by e-mail/post cannot be recorded by the Bank due to additional data gaps (e.g. other personal data, tax residence to be clarified), personal data reconciliation may be required, of which we will send you a separate notification by e-mail. Please note that, based on its internal procedures, in some cases (e.g. random checks), the Bank may provide feedback that the uploaded file or the copy sent by post is not sufficient to update the data, in which case we will contact you and indicate another channel through which you can report the change.

5. At a branch

If you are unable to do either of the above, in order to speed up branch administration we recommend that our retail or small business customers book an appointment by clicking here, while our corporate or private banking customers should make an appointment directly with their contact person at the Bank. 

Please bring your valid identity document (ID card, passport or driving licence card), your address card and the document including your tax identification number with you for the data reconciliation.

6. Via Videobank

If you are unable to visit a branch in person, you can also present your new document to the Bank’s staff in a video call at the following link.
Information on secure data exchange
Best regards,
Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.