Customer Data Update

Having regard to the requirements of Act LIII of 2017 on the Prevention and Combating of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (the “Money Laundering Act”), the Bank is obliged to apply customer due diligence measures in the cases when any deficiency or difference can be seen regarding the data content required under the law.

Identity documents
In order to achieve statutory compliance, the Bank is required to have up-to-date customer data, including copies of the customers’ valid identity documents.  
The Bank contacts those of its Customers in respect of whose identity documents some deficiency is found (e.g. the period of validity of the identity document has expired) so that the adequate data and the copies of documents can be entered in the Bank’s systems as soon as possible.

Beneficial Ownership Statement
Besides, the legal representative of all our Customers other than private individuals (that is companies, foundations, associations, etc.) - or in lieu of a legal representative an authorised person who is notified to the Bank in the signature card as a person empowered to act all-inclusively on behalf of the company - is required to make a new statement on the data of the company’s beneficial owners, including

  • the nature and extent of the ownership, and
  • the politically exposed person (PEP) status of the beneficial owner, where applicable.

Click here to download the statement
The reconciliation of data and the making of the statement can take place

  • in-person at any branch of the Bank, or
  • by mail.

In-person visit to the Bank
If you are

  • a retail or small business customer of ours,
  • with a view for quicker administration at the branch we recommend you to make an appointment by clicking here, or
  • if you have a direct contact person at the Bank, you can administer the provision of the required data with him or her as well,
  • a large corporate or Private Banking customer of ours, please arrange a date and time for the provision of the data directly with your contact at the Bank.

Sending by mail
If your name and the data included in your address card have not changed, you may send the photocopy of your identity document (ID card, passport or driver’s license card) to the Bank by mail as well.
Please make sure that both sides of the document are copied, and take care that

  • the photocopy is of satisfactory quality, i.e. the data included in the document and the photo should be clearly visible so that you can be identified unambiguously. Otherwise the Bank will be unable to complete the customer due diligence process.
  • Please do not write anything on the photocopy.

The beneficial ownership statement should be furnished with an authorised signature (i.e. with the signature(s) of legal representative(s)), or with the signature registered at the Bank (i.e. the signature(s) of individuals(s) registered in the Bank’s signature card as persons authorised to act all-inclusively in respect of the account), and all fields of the statement should be completed.
In the case of insufficient data or inappropriate signatures, the Bank cannot accept the statement.

The photocopy/statement should be posted as a standard letter.
If you are

  • a retail or small business customer of ours, please send the letter to the Bank’s mailing address “Raiffeisen Bank Zrt. Budapest 1700 - AML”;
  • a large corporate or Private Banking customer, please address your letter directly to your contact at the Bank.

What happens if the Bank is unable to carry out the repeated customer due diligence process?
Please take note that in case the Bank is unable to complete its customer due diligence measures, after the date of 26 June 2019 it may refuse to execute the customer’s orders.