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Use RaiPay with your debit card, credit card and business card service for Raiffeisen Mastercard type cards!

Why you should consider RaiPay?


You can pay quickly and securely without having to use your card using contactless payments in stores with your Android device.

You can even withdraw HUF from Raiffeisen ATMs inland. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn in a single amount in the case of contactless use of smart devices is HUF 200,000.

Security: all transactions have to be authorised by unlocking the device with the method set up on the device (fingerprint scanning, face recognition, passcode or pattern). In case of big value payments (and on some specific devices) the application may ask for the RaiPay passcode set up during enrolment. No physical card data is stored on the mobile device or by Apple during payments, and such data are not shared with merchants as well.

What type of cards may be enrolled?
All Retail, Premium and Private Banking, Small Bussiness and Corporate Mastercard debit cards and Mastercard credit cards provided within debit and credit card service may be used with RaiPay.


Use RaiPay at every merchant where contactless payments are available and you see this symbol.


Payments and cash withdrawals made with RaiPay are considered the same as any transaction made with plastic cards. Cards digitized in RaiPay application may at any time be suspended or deleted through Raiffeisen Direkt call center at +36-80-488-588.

Which devices can be used for RaiPay?
All mobile devices equipped with NFC reader and at least Android 7 (Nougat) OS on which Google Play application is already installed or in case of Huawei devices AppGallery.


Add your Mastercard debit card, Mastercard credit card or Mastercard business card to RaiPay today!

  1. Download RaiPay application from Google Play or Huawei AppGallery Store.
  2. Open the application.
  3. Accept our RaiPay General Terms and Conditions.
  4. Grant all the neccessary permissions to the application.
  5. Provide your mobile phone number.
  6. Enter a 4 digit numeric RaiPay code which you want to use later on and verify it.
  7. To set up mobile payment, you can initiate card digitization on the pop-up window.
  8. To add your card, hold your physical card to the device (with NFC communication turned on), or hold your card in front of the device’s camera, or just add it manually by typing in the card details.
  9. The digitized (added) card must be activated before use. Verify the phone number displayed to receive the SMS activation code. In case the mobile phone number shown to you is not actual, you can also request card activation through our Call Center.
  10. After successful verification we send a (PUSH) message to your device, by tapping the message, you can open and approve the card digitization in the myRaiffeisen application. To complete card digitization without using the MyRaiffeisen application, please call our telephone customer service.
  11. After the approval, enter the one-time SMS code received in the RaiPay application and by pressing the Confirm Code button, the application can already be used for mobile payments.
  12. We will send a notification on a successful card registration to the mobile phone number registered at our Bank. 

How to pay with android mobile devices?

To use your mobile device for mobile payment, hold your device close to the terminal (with NFC communication turned on). You have to unlock the device with the method set up on the device (fingerprint scanning, face recognition, passcode or pattern) before every transaction. In case of big value payments (and on some specific devices) the application may ask for the RaiPay passcode set up during enrolment. A confirmation screen will appear on a successful payment.

To pay with RaiPay, please set RaiPay application as the default mobile payment application in the device’s settings or in RaiPay application.

Raiffeisen Mastercard Credit Cards: THM: 29,60-39,6%
The value of the THM (total credit charge ratio) has been determined on the basis of the terms & conditions currently in force, and effective laws, and its measure is subject to change upon any change in such conditions. The value of the APR index does not reflect the interest rate risk of the loan. The credit card applies the non-equal repayment instalments. The relevant and current terms and conditions can be found in the current list of conditions, Consumer Banking Business Conditions and General Business Conditions.