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Mobile Banking service for individuals

Change in the functioning of the Account Info service

In line with the needs of our customers, from 1 September 2010 the Bank has expanded the range of information available under the Mobile Banking service.

From now on you can receive notification of the following debit and credit transactions:
- Settlement of interest
- Account management fees
- Bank card fees
- Loan-related fees

Notification thresholds
It has always been possible to restrict the range of SMS messages you receive by setting notification thresholds for credit and debit transactions.

If you did not previously set a notification threshold for bank account debits, or if you set a threshold of under HUF 1 000, the Bank has automatically (unless you instructed us otherwise) set a HUF 1 000 threshold for you. This is to ensure that introduction of the new notification functions doesn't lead to an excessive increase in the number of SMS text messages you receive.
If the notification threshold for this type of transaction was already HUF 1 000 or more, the Bank has not modified your existing notification threshold settings.

The changes do not affect the Account Info notification threshold set in the case of credits made to the account.

We would like to remind you that as always you may freely modify the notification thresholds both for debits and for credits, between the values of HUF 0 and HUF 10 000, either via Raiffeisen Direkt, in person at a branch of our bank, or by post.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via one of the channels below:

  • In person: at a bank branch
  • By telephone: 06-80-488-588
  • By email:

Your finances in the palm of your hand!
With our Mobile Banking service you can receive - in the form of SMS text messages - instant and up-to-the-minute information regarding the following:

  • Bank card transactions (cash withdrawals, purchases) and spending/withdrawal limits
  • Bank account events (debits, credits), and your account balance
  • Operations performed over the telephone, via the internet and at self-service terminals

This means that you are immediately notified of any unauthorised transactions.

A tailor-made service
The Mobile Banking service can be customised to suit your own requirements.

  • The service can be used by subscribers to all three GSM service providers in Hungary, as well as compatible foreign GSM service providers.
  • You can receive information regarding any of your Raiffeisen bank accounts (SZÁMLAINFÓ) and bank cards (KÁRTYAINFÓ).
  • You may specify the types of transaction that will trigger the sending of a message (debit and/or credit, cash withdrawal and/or purchase), and can even set notification thresholds for these.
  • You can also assign a text label to each of your bank accounts and cards, so that instead of the account or card numbers the SMS text messages display your own personalised account name.

Bank card notifications:

  • All bank card transactions
  • Bank card transactions in Hungary and abroad
  • Cash withdrawal and purchase transactions
  • Successful and unsuccessful bank card transactions
  • Cash deposits made via an ATM

Bank account notifications:

  • Debits and credits made to the bank account
  • At any time you can request your currently available account balance, as well as the daily cash withdrawal and purchase limits for the given card, and the amount available for withdrawal or spending with the card on the given day.
  • You can change the settings of the Mobile Banking service free-of-charge, either in person at any branch of our bank, or through our Raiffeisen Direkt 24-hour customer service call centre, using your Direkt PIN code.

How can I request the Mobile Banking service?

  • By calling Raiffeisen Direkt (on 06-80-488-588)
  • Through the Raiffeisen DirektNet internet banking service
  • In person at any branch of Raiffeisen Bank, by filling out an application form
    (For a list of our branches, please select "Contact" from the menu at the top of the page.)
  • At a Raiffeisen Bank ATM

By completing an application form and sending it to us by post
Simply download the application form by selecting it from the menu on the right, print it out, complete it and mail it to us at:

Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.