Raiffeisen Forte Fund

Raiffeisen Forte Fund is an actively managed multi assets balanced fund. With its portfolio investors can benefit from the performance of equities selected by the fund manager and the global bond markets.

What is the active investment strategy means?

The target equity weight is 60% which consists of companies selected by a value-based equity analysis method. The active investment strategy means that the portfolio manager decides on investments in different industries, geographical regions, stock market trends, or individual company stories based on his current market expectations and his own company evaluation insights. On the other hand, active management also means that the portfolio manager continuously analyses whether the factors which supported the inclusion in the portfolio still exist in the case of companies or not.

The rest of the portfolio (40%) is invested in global bond markets. Fixed income assets also selected by individual analysis.

Investment policy

The goal of the fund is creating a dynamic portfolio (overweighted in equities) which includes shares of companies with good cash-flow production and favourable growth potential. Besides equities the portfolio consist of indices as well covering economic sectors and countries, from which the fund manager expects a significant growth over the recommended investment period. The fund contains unique, non-correlated investment ideas and the fund is not limited to geographic regions or industries.

We recommend this fund to an investor who…

  • is looking for an attractive return above inflation in the recommended investment period;
  • believes in the higher yield potential of a selected equity portfolio;
  • is able and willing to take high risk for the possibility of additional returns (5/7);
  • expects a high level of liquidity;
  • is looking for a comfortable form of savings.

The benefits of the fund

  • unique equities selection;
  • risk sharing and diversification;
  • active portfolio management

Available share classes

Besides HUF the Fund provides share classes denominated in EUR and USD ("E" and "U" series), so it can be a favourable solution to achieve long-term financial goals for investors saving in EUR and USD.