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Raiffeisen Commodity Fund of Funds

Raiffeisen Commodity Fund

Investment policy

With Raiffeisen Commodity Fund investors can benefit from the performance of the global commodity markets. The Fund provides a well-diversified portfolio of commodity assets. Via derivative assets the fund invests in petroleum and its derivatives (WTI, Brent, natural gas, gasoline), non-ferrous and precious metals (gold, silver), industrial metals (zinc, aluminium, copper). The fund can be a perfect portfolio element because the performance of commodity assets generally don’t correlate with other securities. Because of the significant commodity exposure the risk of the fund is high (SRRI: 5). The aim of the fund is to provide a well-diversified portfolio and to reach an attractive risk-adjusted return over the recommended investment horizon of 5 years.

We recommend this fund to an investor who…

  • would like to invest for at least the recommended investment horizon of 5 years;
  • believes in the long term potential of commodity assets;
  • prefers wide and well diversified portfolio of commodities;
  • is willing to tolerate high risk level (SRRI: 5);
  • is looking for a comfortable, flexible and liquid investment form;

Get more out of your investment!

Raiffeisen Commodity Fund is available in Raiffeisen Regular Investment Program as well. It provides the opportunity of monthly or quarterly regular investments. In this case you don’t need to choose the best market entry point. During unfavourable periods you can purchase more investment units so you can benefit more from favourable periods. It helps to avoid worries about finding the perfect moments for investing.