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Raiffeisen Regular Investment Program

Raiffeisen Regular Investment Program

Get more out of your investment!

Why is it worth saving money?

Would you like the future to be predictable?
Have you got unfulfilled plans?
Would you like to be ready for unexpected situations and expenses?
Would you like to accomplish your financial goals without going into debt?
Would you like to support the education or housing of your children?
Would you like to live carefree pension ages?  

With Raiffeisen Regular Investment Program all of them is possible!

  • Start saving money in advance to cover larger expenditures which lets you to fulfill your desires;
  • Unexpected expenses always come, most of the time in the form of a loss of revenues because of illnesses or unemployment. With adequate financial reserve you can easily manage these difficulties without going into debt;
  • Pension and the sustainability of pension system are popular topics nowadays. It is worth to save and invest money regularly to reach carefree pension ages;
  • The sooner you start to save money, the shorter time is needed to accomplish your financial goals.


Investments are not only the privilege of wealthy people

To launch a regular investment program you do not need to have huge amounts of savings, because it can be started even with a small monthly amount of 5.000 HUF. However, if the amount invested regularly is higher, your financial goal can be accomplished earlier.

There is no perfect entering point, let’s start it today!

In the universe of investments one of the most difficult things is to find the perfect moments for buying an asset because the prices of the instruments are continuously and rapidly changing. With regular investments dilemma of timing is pointless. So it is not worth postponing investments. The sooner you start investing, the shorter time is needed to accomplish your goals.

Let’s benefit from price volatility!

As you continuously increase your investments during a long period, you do not need to choose the best market entry point. During unfavourable periods you can purchase more investment units so you can benefit more from favourable periods. It helps to avoid worries about finding the perfect moments for investing.


What are the benefits of investment funds?

With Raiffeisen Regular Investment Program your money will be invested in funds. An investment fund is a huge pool consisting of the savings of many individual investors. This pool of savings is managed by professionals and therefore can be invested much more efficiently (instruments which are available only for institutional investors, wide palette of assets, diversification, cost savings, etc.). Funds are ideal for those who are looking for a cost efficient investment form but do not want to deal with the markets on a daily basis or to make any investment decisions.     
If you choose investment funds, you get…
  • Professionalism: avoiding emotional biases, analytical background, Investment Committees, highly qualified experts;
  • Risk management: Risk awareness, constant risk profiles, scalability of risk taking, diversification (sharing the risk);
  • Comfort: size efficiency, investing in a diversified portfolio even with one investment unit, continuously reinvested returns, low fees, simple taxation;
  • Security: strictly regulated and controlled operation, transparency, accountability, value of reputation;


What are the benefits of Raiffeisen Regular Investment Program?

  • flexible and customizable;
  • you can invest on a monthly or quarterly basis;
  • the invested amount depends on your decision, you can start investing even with a smaller amount (5.000 HUF/month or 15.000 HUF/quarter);
  • You can choose from our wide range of investment funds;
  • Comfortable: under Raiffeisen Regular Investment Program your purchase of investment units are made automatically if the amount is available on your account;
  • Via Raiffeisen Regular Investment Program you can buy investment units with more favourable distributional fees;
  • Every mandates can be modified, cancelled or paused