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Raiffeisen Megatrend ESG Equity Fund of Funds

Megatrend Alap

Different absolute return strategies in one fund

Different absolute return strategies in one fund

Climate crisis, global warming, growing social inequality, environmental pollution. Well known things continuously broadcasted by the media and all of them mean serious threat to humanity. With Raiffeisen ESG Megatrend Equity Fund of Funds our clients can benefit from the performance of companies which are committed to decrease these risks and make the environment and society sustainable.

What does absolute return strategy mean?

Raiffeisen Megatrend ESG Equity Fund of Funds exclusively invests in securities whose issuers are classified as sustainable based on environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG). The Fund will not invest in certain sectors such as the arms industry and doesn’t aim to gain on the volatility of food prices. Besides these, companies which violate labour and human rights can’t be the element of the portfolio. The Fund’s investment universe consists of companies which are the world leaders in:

  • decreasing environmental load,
  • using renewable energy sources,
  • decreasing CO2 emission,
  • using low level of water and energy,
  • recycling and state of the art waste management,
  • elimination of discrimination,
  • supporting and developing health care and education,
  • complying with human and labour laws,
  • prohibition of child labour,
  • running under transparent, corruption free management

What does Megatrend strategy mean?

Besides ESG factors the equities of the portfolio are selected from 3 popular global equity trends. We expect high growth from these trends on the long term. Our colleagues select the companies from the trends of climate change, technology revolution and global demographic changes.

1. Trend: climate change: renewable energy sources, waste management, recycling, e-mobility
2. Trend: technology revolution: cloud solutions, streaming services, cyber security, automation, cashless solutions 
3. Trend: demographic changes: companies providing products and services for the silver society (health care, pharmaceutical production, vitamins, and nutritional supplements) or companies improving global food supply

Investment policy

Raiffeisen Megatrend ESG Equity Fund of Funds is an equity fund and a fund of fund structure at the same time. The portfolio mainly consists of the Raiffeisen MegaTrends ESQ Equity Fund managed by Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft.m.b.H. (Raiffeisen Capital Management, RCM). So the fund is a result of the joint work of the Austrian and the Hungarian Investment Fund Management Companies. In Vienna a dedicated ESG team is responsible for the sustainable analysis of the companies. The portfolio consists of companies which are attractive along the return and risk dimensions and besides these they were also related high scores in the ESG analysis.

The aim of Raiffeisen Megatrend ESG Equity Fund of Funds

Sustainability is one of the most popular investment topics nowadays. The special attention and popularity have positive effect on equity prices. The aim of the fund is to provide a well-diversified portfolio to benefit from the 3 dedicated global equity trends via companies with high ESG scores.

Get more out of your investment!

Raiffeisen Megatrend ESG Equity Fund of Funds is available in Raiffeisen Regular Investment Program as well. It provides the opportunity of monthly or quarterly regular investments. In this case you don’t need to choose the best market entry point. During unfavourable periods you can purchase more investment units so you can benefit more from favourable periods. It helps to avoid worries about finding the perfect moments for investing.

Available share classes

Besides HUF the Fund provides share classes denominated in EUR and USD ("E" and "U" series), so it can be a favourable solution to achieve long-term financial goals for investors saving in EUR and USD. 




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